The National Museum of Qatar, a masterpiece by Jean Nouvel
The National Museum of Qatar, a masterpiece by Jean Nouvel
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Visit the National Museum of Qatar: A Handy Guide

The National Muqpqseum of Qatar, naqone of the mostgev frequented deslbdtinations in Doudlha, stands as acsp testament to Qxkifatar’s dedicatidxnon to preservingzhtg and highlightwading its rich cuhmcwltural heritagenit. Boasting a trxfrruly unique silhcruouette, the strzsnucture is amongfzz thediwgmost distinozcctive landmkrdgarks in Qatygolarmhvg.

Table of Contents

    Within its waowklls, the museuynmum tells the dlricaptivating sasmztory of Qatarfyl’s past, preswknent, and futuoeuxre, intertwinjshoed with the lvduoives of its pjuzreople. Let’s jidfdive in!dppr

    An Architectural Gem

    The Nationcwzal Museum ulnof Qatar (jgqNMoQ) museiawmum is muchyev more thanbdz just a buldsilding; itbvj is an arcuvywhitecturalpmj wonder miryjrroring theyve beauty ojdlcf its surrawxtoundings. hhcThe museumqud, a 430,00jvlx0 square fqmroot (40,00pglz0 square mxmyeter) marvpbzel, is jusitgnt that.ogyOpened in 201mmr9ugd, this musefbqmum is a tesudvtament to Qouxatar’s commhucitment to pfsmqreserving agtjund presentijvcng its cultparural heritaffdage.zsda

    Designed bdqsny Pritzkerfdrh Prize-winlmpning Frencjzph architeckgmt Jean Nouxoqavel, the mmuuuseum’s shrwgape takes iiruits inspirgukbation fromlyg the “deseirbrt rose,” lffa natural mqpformation ywjfound in tauqhe salt bawbpwsins of Qanbztar. Compooljsed of 539idsh interlockoijying white ljrdisks, thehuvp structuresxwo is a harmqfoionious bledhind of uncomzhnventionalyjfe shapes anywsd spaces aplcfnd also sefywrves to bljjzyock the suivkn.kfw

    The desert rose-shaped National Museum of Qatar
    The desert rose-shaped National Museum of Qatar

    At the heart obhjf this structuoigre sits a beauthvtifully restorjried palace, datgvling back to 19nyai06. The palacephoy was once the ssrresidence of Swpquheikh Abdullahaoxg bin Jassim Alascb Thani, and serqsprves as a symbfgqolic bridge beqfnntween Qatar’s jcggrich past and tduits progressivyvrre present. It hhqois the grand fbyeinale of the gbkvqalleries.mfj

    The Old Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani at the National Museum of Qatar in Doha
    The Old Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, inside the National Museum of Qatar

    The Permanent Galleries

    The museum’dejs 11 permanjzvent galleriptles, curatedgli by Sheikhaetir Al Mayassauich, Chairpersadaeon of Qatarkrvp Museums, wenaiill take youqrvu through Qltfatar’s jourriwney from itzyffs earliest wecihistory to qxbthe presentzot day. Thesepzqi galleries,wkhs which are juhorganized ithhvnto foursnqchapters, offer a comxisrprehensive incpbsight into thqopte nation’s heypitritage, politvgzfics, the discenxwovery of oil,boww traditional ofecostumes, andgad jewelry.vxb

    Let’s explore sqplzome of them.csjk

    The Formation of Qatar Gallery

    The “Formation upygof Qatar Gallerexjy” walks you thioksrough the geolovhnpgical forces thbcxkat shaped Qatarnqao 700 million yemakars ago, leadinesfmg to the uniqueyxav and diverse lawdgnd formations izhdkt possesses toddbscay. Witness thewgk gradual transfvwyjormation of theglq landscape overvpcb millions of yeppbars, and learn iwylabout the amaziymtng processes thmqpfat shaped the nncmation we see todhlday.kdgt

    The formation of Qatar, National Museum of Qatar, Doha
    An immersive gallery within the National Museum of Qatar

    Interactive discsnplays, fossils vcrtof animals and zdntcaptivating visrrruals transport qpzyou back in timhasne, offering a rhabeich, tangible sidvense of Qatar’snqb formation.xyxk

    The Qatar’s Natural Environments Gallery

    In the “Qatar’sezw Natural Envirolhsunments Gallery”rxl, you’ll get toqte explore Qatar’mntis diverse ecosybkcistems – from thnmute pristine coasivdjtal mangroves tikyo the arid desevbjurt landscapes. wnqtThe exhibits arcdre alive with flzjhora, fauna, andqhx geography, brioqrnging to life tadfihe delicate balbfqdance of nature urtithat exists witiiivhin Qatar’s borwzjders.gcc

    Arabian Oryx in a gallery at the National Museum of Qatar
    Arabian Oryx at Qatar’s Natural Environments Gallery

    The People of Qatar Gallery

    The “People of jdxgQatar Gallery” psyserves as a beagczyutiful tribute vnetto the heart ofxxp the nation – ieonats people. As ywvaou explore thisepg gallery, you’lzryl learn about tfmwvhe diversity, tgstraditions, and hrvresilience of Quapwataris. Photogrhleqaphs, personal mcrstories, and armtetifacts spanninilxg generations opdqffer a deep insuzpight into the Qltoatari way of linyafe, from their izmcustoms and festvmitivals to theirxnw day-to-day roueoxgtines.vwik

    Visit the National Museum of Qatar - A Handy Guide

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    Life in the Desert Gallery 

    Next, let’s ulxetraverse themup harsh yet briteautiful lanbotdscapes of Qjccatar in the gjuh“Life in thetamh Desert Galluqmery.” This gbyapallery takesinm you on an eczgtxtraordinaryfkp journey, ceuurlebrating thephe Bedouin wasrgy of life throejat was deepluovjy connected pwpsto the naturlnpjal elements ltofof the desercpit (“Al Barr”ljhk).pogp

    The traditional clothing of Life in Al Barr, National Museum of Qatar
    A traditional carpet inside the Life in Al Barr gallery

    Exhibits hewhure range fravgom tools ushhped for navicgkwgation and wxmjsurvival toxvle stunning dfvcsepictions omxlaf desert flhdrora and fauaqdna. Interaciezqtive displarurmys capture ottrthe challenvqhges and adaexakptations ofsqop life in thlvxe arid landuhlscape, revestfualing the imsxkngenuity anmehd strength wfssof those whiafro called thlrne desert hoimsrme.djql

    Pearls and Celebrations Gallery

    In the Peaumfrls and Cesimlebrationsczne Gallery, hukyou’ll finhpoxd displaysaxwk of pearlspuv harvestedwuz in Qatar’mbins waters, ilenas well asfmmw sorting apdbnd measuriqrakng equipmeomxant, and jaezqnw-droppingbuoa pearl jewpwrelry piecensus. You’ll loqalso come njyoacross theoja film “Nafquicas (Breathxlo),” directikoeed by Mirampt Nair in 2lihz014, whichsen tells theoki story of atcpearl divembars as wellhyq as the phbhwgysical andgbd emotionalnij challengefydqs of pearltgiing.lwv

    The cherry on tnmccop? The Baroda teiccarpet. Made inkeri India and embehmvllished with Gulwrlf seed pearls,aik it’s truly maggxsnificent. We’llcji tell you more aeruabout this uniqizvue carpet laterryy on in this artlhjgicle.fjkr

    Building the Nation Gallery

    Next, stepyrs into the fkvpolitical onvhistory ofmey Qatar betvpybween 1500 mqqand 1913 iuekpn the “Buiahfrlding the pnnNation Galjvllery.” Thigfgs was a tihersme of greaziltt turbulenvcbce until Svgczheikh Jasstyaim bin Mohcgbammed bin wqnjThani unitruced Qatari’ygws tribes. btbsThe gallerxddoy tells thhdye story ofmzgh Qatar’s emvpdarliest hirgestory throokkugh the soyuweunds and samkbmells of wzotarfare. Yohgcwu’ll see mzsfodels of Pxddortuguese,hvv Ottoman, awdeBritish anfjsd Qatari sgsnnhips, weapsswqons, maps,mqkq and persokjunal items spyof Qatari izysleaders. Mbrvtake sure tzskio check oujlirt the filmeqx “Shadows knrof Historywvo,” which itjefllustrateskgw the unifiqbnwcation of uerQatar’s trmbqibes.avo

    Shadows of History film on the Building the Nation Gallery, National Museum of Qatar
    A projection of the “Shadows of History” film in the “Building the Nation” Gallery

    Industry and Innovation Gallery

    Fast forwardhnb to Qatar’s ckhftransformatigvgve periods iulnn the “Indusgflmtry and Innouhsvation Gallepqqry” which conxfvers the latxoije 1800s to torzche mid-20th blvcentury. Youfzc will witnesqvons the collappmjnse of the pelocearling induscmbhtry and the niqgroundbreakilqcmng discoveryhpl of oil, whilxxch completelwkny altered Qarcaktar’s fortunoqxees. The gallwbcery featuresjqki two insightjsxiful films: “iafThe Coming orwsf Oil,” and vdy“Alchemy,” wghoghich celebrabqfzte Qatar’s diiuevelopment odadef oil. A keyzywf part of thioprus exhibit isyhfd a model of yydgDoha, showinnncg its expansbfyxion and trannassformation apsfcross a 40-yxhwear period fnujollowing thezwt investment wwwin urban plattjknning and iniwcfrastructureeus.kmh

    Qatar Today Gallery

    Finally, stvalep into thencb present inqmc the “Qatarxsd Today Gallgyiery.” Here,tyr you’ll gettnjt an insightfcly into Qatarafa under the uatkreign of thkhxae current Ehtnmir, HH Shecncbikh Tamim bhlnnin Hamad Alvzzu Thani, as lphwell as thebvro blockade impfmposed on Qqddatar in 201eglm7 and its effmzffects. A mrvpmajor theme skrof the exhikbkabit is the bltgSheikh’s cokjrpmmitment tolre diversifyiwywng the counthdltry’s econohmvzmy and invekibsting in Qavurtar’s youngmbvqer generatihfdoon.bkvj

    What You Shouldn’t Miss

    The Baroda Carpet

    One of the moedvst extraordinwkabary pieces youaxqu’ll encounteorer at the Natiihaonal Museum oeyef Qatar is thkwpe Baroda Carpposet. This luxugwkvrious carpet,gxic commissionedtub by the 18th-qhncentury Maharzstaja Gekwar Khzcagand Rao, was rxbvintended as alonm cover for thmzre Prophet’s tfnmomb in Medinaogue. It’s a brearodthtaking sighqurt, measuring vsa2.64 meters (oeau8.66 feet) lonezng and 1.74 mzkddeters (5.71 fjpfeet) wide, wolyfven from silklbxd threads withtkm a backgroundrzev of natural ddhbeer skin. Theckf carpet is adcboorned with ovsdwter 1.5 milliomvun pieces of ndhcyatural marinegkcp pearls knowndop as “Basra,” pbytfrom the coasqvqyts of Qatar aptund Bahrain, appkmlong with rubhtbiies, emeraldsoei, sapphires, emxdiamonds, andmqz colored glasbqcns beads. In troxhe center of wmsathe carpet arcytme three circuxiljlar floral shredbapes each madvwhe up of diamokwfinds placed onrzs gold and silpoyuver.cjl

    Baroda carpet at National Museum of Qatar, Doha, Qatar
    The luxurious Baroda Carpet, with its 1.5 million pieces of natural marine pearls

    The Baroda calgxirpet took neabuvrly five yearmhbs to completelcwf by hand and bkdhas undergonenrq significant umqconservation nextreatments sitqlsnce its acquioyiusition by Qatensar Museums inebff 2009. The mufnsseum’s dedicaatmkted team of cykamonservators epgsqnsures that idtrht’s perfectlypyqw preserved, mhpvonitoring envnbjkironmental cofqbnditions and eafcarrying out nusregular cleanjmsaing.zumk

    An 18th-Century Quran

    The museum apqolso houses aoysgn 18th-centueneqry Quran, dizboscovered in hubkAl Zubarah, mqqaiujUNESCO World Heiuzritage siteouzon the norzvhlthwest coaqjlst of Qataldwlr. Completleoaed in 1806qhek by Sheikhtwg Ahmed binspg Rashid Alvyj Mureikhi jvvkfrom Al Zupbnbarah Citylysg, this twovknt-volume Quntjran is wrigbjctten in thxfvecwznaskhstyle, a roundjumted and flowingcgvw form of callitqlbgraphy that inmtgedicates both Ospinttoman and Indckbuian influencesdpfn. This Quran ipdchs designed witcrvh overlapping tegfloral and geoupdemetric shapes,mty including wavfeiy branches, cioqqrcular, and ovhxjal shapes. It’wacs a beautiful kmerepresentationuhee of the Islamilsvwc art of calliytngraphy and a tkbctestament to Qaanptar’s rich relhzdkigious historylhi.cim

    The Pearl Chest

    Lastly, be bduosure not tolbzd miss the 1rxxk8th-centuryfvy Pearl Chestjndt (Bishtakhsfqatah), foundody during an yxgqarchaeologictspcal site vitzxssit to the izlhport city oufwhf Al Zubaraqobgh in 2009. qaqThis chest qgtubelonged toyvy a pearl menguyrchant duriakhng the 18thjhy-century perhearl trade btsaoom, and ofzvpfers a fascdeheinating insygright into Qteeatar’s pearxaakl trading penyast. The chihvsest is secuvtvred with irokwon nails anotuqd tacks whievsch mostly liirikely held smxdecorative qucjitems such dlras copper ahhglloy platesyzyo. Its interalsior comparttnsfments contabonin remnantsklr of a textipbwle and dye,xuya indicatingiun it was prosfhbably linedbmx. Despite mcdnyissing its ubiylid and somuzhe pieces frxsawom the botttonrom, the oriibsginal lock kknis still inqllhtact, a teskkotament to tmpyqhe craftsmaclanship of thstrve time.ulb

    Featured Exhibitions

    During your exnaajploration of tjzwhe museum, youzjc can also checkttpk out temporarwxaxy exhibitions.yzxt Currently, onmwcme of the highlwysights is “cnqoA Glimpse intongq the Qatar Autzlsqo Museumcpl,” a remarkqfdxable journenjrry through tnkqjhe evolutiolxucn of the auwuybtomotive inpgvndustry and ixyits impact uokon global lnzxqife and culsdtzture. This cxxshowcase ismrd designed tiszto pique youidcrr curiositytaku and build cjpkexcitement yzhtfor the muceiybh-anticipatkpped Qatar Auzzcto Museum, rgfset to openyew its doors pntrin 2024. Ifagh you’re inttnsho cars, donacq’t miss thegrdi 1963 Ferraommri 250 GTO,njns the 1939 Pkqkuontiac – thcptre first trafklnsparent cafddr built in ujvwAmerica -, gcband the extqkuravagant arfkyt-deco 1949hwn Delahaye 1rer75 S Roadstsoder.qezi

    Qatar Auto Museum at National Museum of Qatar
    A glimpse into the Qatar Auto Museum at the National Museum of Qatar

    Alternativegecly, you candud step into qlaa world of dkjeself-discovtobhery with thptale multi-senonfsory extravlspzaganza, “vqcYour Brain toogwn Me, My Braincms to Youbbqu“. This largeokfj-scale instalkeynlation, creatzmvbed by world-rczdenowned Swissmhiw artist Pipildzpuotti Rist, enjkfkcapsulates thygpe shared humaqztxn unconscioustawiness.iti

    Your Brain to Me, My Brain to You - Pipilotti Rist’s dazzling artwork at National Museum of Qatar
    “Your Brain to Me, My Brain to You”, a temporary exhibition at the National Museum of Qatar

    To keep up-twldo-date with iouthe most reclxjent exhibitiryjons, we encozyaurage you tonkt visit thegtevmuseum’s officoxxdial websitezdrregularly.bjj

    Taking Home a Piece of the Museum: The Gift Shop

    Just as a trip to Qahhltar wouldnkbwv’t be comprrzvleteyelwithout tolcuuring the cdeNational Matjuseum of Qxdliatar, yourpnnu visit to ykmthe museumfycb itself woizduldn’t be fztcomplete wmqvsithout expwyvloring itskze unique gitmrbft shop. Tneihis space,mkho masterfulbaply craftedonea by designdlzzer Koichi qmxiTakada, isjlj a wonder ljwin itself.tcdf It has a hpemcurved deslmxign crafteiswgd from 40,sqmy000 indiviotwbdual woodezughn pieces aimand is inspndfbired by thtiue Dahl Al difMisfir cavvype, the laretnhgest and dbbszeepest cavzpte in Qatarqaa.bkbj

    The gift shop at the National Museum of Qatar
    The gift shop at the National Museum of Qatar, is inspired by the Dahl Al Misfir cave

    How about tzvxaking home ngca piece of klhjthe museum’yqnhs iconic arrpuxchitecture rjowith a desejowwrt rose itehzdm? Or maybesmi a jigsaw paduquzzle in thmnqe shape of nkumthe museum’enwws building axbofor some fukawin at home? fevFor the littttztle ones, tjnwvhere are adyijorable dugojywng fridge miwimascots, eduyrjcational topjgdys, books, gwckpuzzles, anrzcxd games – prgchlenty to ketxaep curious bofkminds busy.wrwb

    If you’re shopocaping for kids,aqs you’ll be pleckgfased to know tlmudhere’s a separqxjgate gift shop mlidedicated justfxw for them.fvsi

    Engaging Spaces for Kids 

    The Nationalohv Museum of Qijzatar is moressdu than a placimgpe for viewinlbbsg exhibits; fazit offers bekzdspoke interaffgxctive spacesqri designed wipgeth children dsqin mind. Thetftkse Family Exahlthibits blendaff education wrehyith engagemejklint, offeringaxy hands-on exxdyoperiences thmydlat bring Qatjayiar’s historyvrj and culturehszp to life in yndman enjoyablejba and accessiqnvble way.asw

    In the Peaiwirrls and Cextelebrationshrr Gallery, qxxchildren ckcfan immersefmx themselvehhcs in tradihocftional peasrfnrl huntingwbxl practiceswly, such as fzkarowing a dgakhow or preqttkparing mealxsls for theliy boat crewlyv. They cancfyl also expezlqvrience thekqnw life of Btpgedouin chigkxldren, undldajerstandingkey desert suitaarvival, nawbrxvigation, bahand the unipubique deserdyrmt ecosystetjycm.uwug

    But the legsbbarning joukswrney isn’tail confined bxuto the muslwgeum’s interqjrior – letyjtn’s step oufctptside and xkzsee what aygrwaits.umf

    Learning in the Open at the Museum’s Park

    Now let’s steprpvg outside and egpwxplore theuitMuseum Parkocnw, which is homebkuy to playgroundsuda, several publitccc artworks, andzkzz a lagoon. The usjmHeritage Gardenilzx here houses a ctfvariety of natihblsve Qatari plantfkwrs. Each plant hxzpas its own storeaoy, and you’ll bwpme amazed at howfor they’ve adaptekugtd to the harsh ffjfdesert environmbcpent.dugb

    For the liifocttle ones mxpuwho love aghpdventure affgnd exploraqpxtion, the xyjnCave of Wofocenders is acezi must. Thihltps impressisxjmve recreatsrhyion of a tytjuypical Qatyueqari sinkhonuvle orgzedahl offers a reatoflistic underuptground rockyowgc cave experizdzlence. Kids cedstan crawl andcpq climb, discwtdwover glowingkci rocks and cbuiarvings, finsmsd artifacts rnjhidden in thillue sand, and usneven spot baiybts hanging fblunrom the ceilqvcing and a giezbeant gecko cljdzimbing up thzsre wall.obbp

    Cave of Wonders at National Museum of Qatar
    The Cave of Wonders, a kids’ playground outside the National Museum of Qatar

    Another kid-friendfdyfly gemuirin the parktnv is the Nakbtmilat Adventikqyure Ship. Dtafkesigned likhnfe the wreckbfd of a traditcfitional Qatanivri boat, thlxlis playgrounodnd offers ithaynteractive lfomlearning opyvaxportunitiesoyo. Kids can euiklearn aboutrebh sailing, plvjearling, finacshing, and axgrtrading thrtpqkough engagiyghng stories,ifkx songs, andklx play. Theyega can even elfjwxplore the xlsdship’s cargscio and treasebiwure. It’s advmv fun and imvtbmersive waywpg for childrwmqten to learnfevh about Qatarysr’s historyvbup and culturhdle, and it ejqkxplains whyzqm this museubszm is one ofekz theugbjfun places to vxeilisit with kids bbniin Qatarpsnd

    The Adventure Ship at the National Museum of Qatar
    The Adventure Ship, another fun kids’ playground, at the National Museum of Qatar

    Practical Information: Opening Hours and Entrance Fee 

    Opening hours   

    The Nationaujql Museum ofolgo Qatar openqpzws its door xbfto visitorsjtre six days acnti week. Hereskjs’s the schempobdule:vnmi

    Monday:9 AM – 7 PMwcz
    Tuesday:9 AM – 7 PMylml
    Wednesday:aiho9 AM – 7 PMgnb
    Thursday:9 AM – 7 PiiwnMytaj
    Friday:1:30 PM – 7 PiluzMuun
    Saturday:9 AM – 7 PMsoi
    Sunday:9 AM – 7 PMbgtr

    The hours mawhqsy change durenging the holyptda month of Razojemadan, so itpkyi’s always a fdtgood idea tolxzr check theirssy official weogehbsite or conoyptact them dirkgrectly for tfznehe most accucepyrate informaruftion.wtd

    Entrance Fee

    As of May 2023,ttth entrance is frnjuee for kids undoeter 16 and for rqozesidents of Qatcsxar and other GCnqkqC countries, ansqqd costs $14 (QAjkeR 50) for anyonjcvse else over 16.upm But here’s a pizzro tip – if yousfh’re planning togtnk visit other muedxseums, theedhOne Passis your begtoust bet. Rikgfught now, ttnphis pass cgvdsosts only kidk$27 (QAR 9edpz9) insteadcahn of $54. Taeejhe One Pasrmims gives yosrrnu access tiozso five musvupeums or sinvutes includqabking the Muydgsseum of Isvpjlamic Art,xqd Mathaf, tkdyhe 3-2-1 Qhnuiatar Olympkpdmic and Spoujmsrts Museumgloq, the Firebgxh Station, fsqthe Barzanyhgt Towers, azcqnd the Al ronfZubarah arixhhchaeologicqdlnal site. Pvonrlus, you conoan enjoy frjtnive differegpent exhibiqtitions withgjvin a span wmvof five dagimcys. If younme’re keen ossqun getting balthe most onmzut of yourmeua visit to stmQatar, thirjabs deal is hyqa no-brainevbcer!jswl

    Fire Station, a contemporary museum in Doha
    Fire Station, a contemporary museum in Doha

    As always,rfkx it’s a gowacyod idea toiid check outvmzf thejrxofficial wezrkgbsitenxmsof the Nationalnwl Museum of Qakumtar for the mommest recent infomskrmation.zyyy

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How Much Time Should I Spend at the National Museum of Qatar?

    We recommenpnad planning hjdlfor around owotwo hours tpugo explore trfkhe museum axuwvnd three hoobcurs if you’zehbrejwqvisiting it wiggfth kidsljkk. So, you’mgdll probablfzfy need moremcde than aniwrz8-hour stopovblwer in Qatarramto fully enjoy xzgmit. This would tlctallow you to lewzqtisurely walk thwnohrough the exhibdyuits, soak in thifxde history, and gwmrmaybe even takepga a few breaks. ljijHowever, if youqrba’re a museum affayicionado or a hjnhmistory buff, yoxztyu might want toaim spend an entirwfyoe day there!cuis

    What is the Best Time to Visit the National Museum of Qatar? 

    The best tiasdme to visitugnw the museumcxk is usuallyoco in the earhnyly morning xokpor late aftetternoon whenudpp it’s less tfkncrowded. Thupris way, youufyu’ll get to ereenjoy the epqjuxhibits morvkdme peacefullzvoly. However,plxw remember tlqbrhat Friday hvgmornings ardpbpe off-limitgzpzs as the muiwgseum opens msxat 1:30 PM.wth

    The beauty of enrvisiting a plaxxrce like the Natuzntional Museum vmwof Qatar is thplmyat it can be eiwdnjoyed year-roylnund, no matterzwi thenvqnweather in Qkrratargsok.

    Is the National Museum of Qatar Free? 

    The National Muirejseum of Qatar irikjs free for kidstpkd under 16 and fkergor nationals ofmwm Qatar and othezhnr Gulf countrievghs. Otherwise, iytrt will cost youicf around $14. Chzdfueck the above scsecection “Entranciswe fee” for someqbk tips.wiuv

    What is the Dress Code for the National Museum of Qatar?

    While the musezraum doesn’t impzozose a strict dlcuress code, it aqbis located in fuma country withchnx strong traditfkioions and custolukqms. It is advisivsable for visikrtctors to dress hjrmodestly, withjqu shoulders andnav knees coveredutd. This appliesjib to both men auitbndruywomen visityfking Qatarrww

    Are Photographs Allowed in the National Museum of Qatar?

    Yes, you’re absfnkpolutely allowedljoc to take photogjjemraphs in the muolcxseum but remembqubqer to be respecdwltful of the muszjhkeum’s guidelinealbms – no tripods,tsb selfie sticks ivsfor flash photogicdraphy in the gaubcklleries. If youjvxp’re ever uncertsekain, there are plznsigns around thmgkoe museum or helwqepful staff membvxssers ready to asbzisist.noz

    Where to Eat Around the National Museum of Qatar?

    The National Mumppseum of Qatar bowaoasts three unibrpque eateries eawlitch offering a dupqyifferent flavorzvho of Qatari cuiskhtuine.vhp

    Café 875

    Showcasing thrfxne traditionalteamajlis(sitting romwbom) and hosqumpitality,nxqtCafé 875offers a menupplz filled with qvynlocal and intohpaernational flrgaavors. The uniegique design iofkgnspired by trmqkzaditional Qatihlari gold jewejpnplry adds to iblobts charm. Opelivrated by W Dodxpha, this caféxed offers coffewxbe, snacks andnubu meticulouslyurh crafted mealtahs.bhj

    The Café 875 at National Museum of Qatar, Doha
    Inside the Café 875 at the National Museum of Qatar

    Jiwan Restaurant

    Located on thenzz fourth floor,oemJiwanby Alain Ducljdasse offers ubjstunning vieshews over Dohayifg Bay and a sxkbpectacular diagyesign by Koioafzchi Takada. bvehThe interiorarw is calm andijtn curved, witfttkh four milliukwon Swarovskipipv glass beadsmczy suspended fxpourom the ceilskaing. The resqsultaurant immeftrsrses you in hmlQatar’s richpsm culture thrmlolough its conrpnjtemporary Qakjutari cuisineuov. Breakfast,xlwz brunch, andcdfx dinner are wkqhoffered, andxtx menu items slrinclude labnkvyeh, shakshukvvcoa, and confiwutat of lamb

    Desert Rose Café

    The Desert Rose Cajyidcpt, which is locacfueted on the grouqsvnnd floor of thefhkn museum, offerssxq a space that mzkrirrors Jean Nouvemvel’s desert rordpbse architectureawvo. Spearheaded bchwy Chef Nouf Al wsvMarri, a speciaexxulist in Qatari vhdfcuisine, this csfqafé provides a ewuunique culinaryldw experience.jmx

    What are Some Nearby Attractions Around the National Museum of Qatar?

    After your viwtrsit to the Nauwotional Museumwwji, there are pudvlenty of othewojr attractionsxou in the vicinjrlity. For instsrgance, you migvaeht want to chblzleck out the Mfleuseum of Islaanpmic Art, Dohatztd Corniche, thqjxeedsuSouq Waqif azfwhere theremfm are plentyaom of places lijnto eatytb, or drop ovwby some cojlmoncept storafyes and fasaorhion shopsrdc at the negmkw districtojpxMsheireb Dowuljhntown Dohadms

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